Goin Green




Johnnygreenseed was created in May, 2000.


Our Story


February 20th, 2017

Going Green

We appreciate those who may have followed us ( or were curious) over the last 16 years and are finally on track to complete the mission we set out on.

We opened johnnygreenseed wines in the state of Alabama in 2004 and have patiently waited for a time when the opportunity would allow us to accomplish our original game plan.

At this time we are laser  focused strictly on Johnnygreenseed Wines and the rollout to every community in the nation.

All of our concepts go in the opposite direction of most companies and are all 100% employee owned.

It is an enormous task we set out on and appreciate the support and your help to make this happen.

As we prepare to do the impossible we are working with one of our original partners to support the project and greatly appreciate those who use our fund generating links to do so.


When it means more  than just a holiday.

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